3 Secrets to Manifest Wealth in your Life - Masterclass

3 Secrets to Manifest Wealth in your Life - Masterclass

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3 secrets to manifest wealth in your life 💸

Have you ever wanted to manifest more wealth in your life, but didn't know where to start?

Tired and exhausted of figuring everything out on your own to make ends meet?

Need some extra money to invest in a life that you LOVE?

I gotchu, boo!

In this recorded masterclass, you'll learn the 3 secrets to manifest wealth to help you pull into the frequency to attract more wealth into your life.

Here are the secrets you'll discover:

SECRET #1: How to become a wealthy person

Become the person who already has wealth and it will come to you!

SECRET #2: How self-love brings you wealth (AND SO MUCH MORE)!

Love yourself so much so that wealth has no choice but to love you back and come to you 😉

: How to receive wealth!

Become aware when wealth comes, and grab hold of it!

Frequently asked questions:

How does this masterclass work? Do you watch it at your own pace?

Yes! Our masterclasses are previously hosted masterclasses, so if you purchase a masterclass you will receive some video files depending on the masterclass, and then you can watch the video files on your computer or mobile device, at your own pace! 

How do I receive the digital file?

After purchasing this product, you will receive the digital files through a link and email to your inbox.

We would love to know your thoughts and results!

Send us an email at magneticunicorncoaching@gmail.com with them! 😍