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Amazing! I want to work with Kare to transform my life and/or career now!

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From 5'8 to 6'3 and changing their relationship with themselves to a positive manner

I wasn't sure enough what to do and where to start.

I felt incredible like everything I desired it's already here and it felt really good.

My relationship with myself has changed in a positive manner, I have confidence and everything I needed.

I have a pretty good relationship with my soul and my spiritual connection, like they listen what I say or want and I also follow their messages.

The biggest a-ha moment was when I became tall. I literally gained like 6-7 inches.

Kare is very supportive, she payed attention on whatever I had to say. I loved her positive attitude towards everything I asked her and she answered everything patiently.

Every part of the session was my favourite like I was being introduced to something new in every part of my session.

Kare has very positive and confident energy, she was like you can do anything whatever you think big, small, huge anything is possible and I loved that.

I'd suggest [you] to
book a one on one session with her. She's very supportive throughout the session and she'll also help you figure out anything you want in your life.

- Arnit

From not being able to help herself to feeling confident and like she is good enough and solving her overthinking

I was afraid of things and was not able to think how to help myself and get out of this cage of fear which was making me depressed.

I felt good because kare, was listening to me. No one make me feel listened and it was my first experience to be listened and which made me confident about myself and I felt like I'm good enough.

I started to think out of the box. I was self -assumed and now i don't assume things that much. My problem of overthinking is solved.

I believe that i should listen to myself and I should not consider myself as an object.

It was when i told kare about my best memory of being in car, which made me feel like oh my god! There was this moment too in my life once.

kare was my first mentor and she is the best person I've ever met in my life.

She is very good listener.

You should definitely should take coaching from kare!!!!!

She didn't make me feel like I'm having any problem but it was like i was recounting on things. Thankyou so much:)

- Kia

From feeling sporadic and like a gamble to manifesting a replenished bank account, listening to her inner-voice and putting herself FIRST!

I was feeling a bit sporadic with manifesting, it felt like a gamble… try it and hope for the best [and] I retired from my 9-5 just before getting into the program, so that was a drastic change. However, since being in the program, Inhave been able to “replenish” my bank account with expected and unexpected means!

My relationship to myself and my life has changed for the better because I pay closer attention to my “inner voice” and don’t contradict or second-guess it, and good things are the result. I also take better care of myself and put myself first more often than I used to with a fiancée and a daughter in the house to tend to. 🥰

In my experience, the energy of Magnetic Unicorn is one of patience and acceptance, and soulful guidance. Kare somehow looks to your soul and finds what it needs, and how to go about getting it.

Kare is great to work with. She takes time to listen to you and process what you have going on… and then direct your thinking and and give suggestions on possible actions to take (and why) for better results.

I have not worked directly with another manifestation coach before, so she’s the best I’ve worked with! 😉

- Nicole Else W., life and business coach

From having fears, mental blocks and limiting beliefs to self-actualization, breakthrough, a better mindset and outlook on life

Carolynn is an incredible manifestation coach with a warm welcoming energy. She helps you realize your true potential through her technique of posing the right questions. This gives you an introspective view of what is holding you back and how to move forward. This lead me to self-actualization and facilitated an amazing breakthrough in only one session. With her loving guidance and support, she is able to help you identify personal mental blocks and limiting beliefs, allowing you to better understand yourself and your motivations. When she asks the right questions, it helped me to change my mindset and outlook on life, leading to positive change and hope for the future. Compared to other coaches, she empowers you to make this change for yourself, instead of just telling you what to do or giving unwarranted advice. When she allows you to come to your own conclusion, it is a tremendously powerful experience. I would recommend booking Magnetic Unicorn for anyone that is ready for real positive change in their life.

- Steve M., musician

From negative thoughts, and feelings to feeling lighter, more self-aware, grounded, refreshed and insightful

Kare is an intuitive coach and wonderful listener. I am able to come to many realizations and new insights as a result of the clearing she provides. Kare truly knows how to listen. Don't hesitate to work with her if you would like to gain self-awareness. She is also able to handle lots of venting without being personally affected as she is able to transmute negative energy into peace, relief, and positivity. I always walk away from her coaching feeling lighter, more self-aware, grounded, and refreshed. Thank you Kare!

- Saia Y., life coach

From being stuck in her thoughts to taking action on lottery winning streaks

I would recommend Kare. She really listened to my thoughts and made notes as we were talking. We went over time and she helped me out with actionable plans to change my thought pattern. She related to me and validated the feelings that came up when exploring my lottery winning streaks. I liked her. I would use her services again.

- Sunny K., esthetician

Feeling understood and supported and taking action

Coaching with Kare was an absolute delight!! She actively listened, read between the lines, and summarized my thoughts and patterns. She also gave really specific and helpful actionable next steps. I felt so understood and supported, and also very comfortable to be completely open and vulnerable with her. I highly recommend coaching with Kare!!

- Toni L., self-love coach

From avoiding moving forward with their business and their health to newfound awareness, clarity and the shift to take action to move forward

Before being coached by Kare, I avoided doing multiple things in my life that would move me forward in my business and in my health. I knew that I was really just sabotaging myself, but I didn’t know why I was doing it or how to change it. Through showing me certain aspects of self-development that I had been refusing to work on, Kare was able to walk me through simple exercises in order to find clarity around where I was stuck. From that clarity, I’m now able to see where my behaviors are coming from and shift them in order to take the appropriate action going forward.

- Tou Ger Lee, coach

From not understanding what is blocking them to succeed to self-awareness

Kare absolutely can give you insight to what is blocking you just by talking to her.

- J. F., publicist & gamer

From wondering how to manifest traveling to playing with good intentions their desires more often

[I learned to] play with good intentions and desires more often

- Februalin P., coach