Apply for the Magnetic & Authentic Program

For the entrepreneur who wants to:

✅ Be a conscious manifestor

✅ Awaken and carry out their creative genius and flow

✅ Show up as their real self

✅ Magnetize their dream reality to them easily and effortlessly

✅ Not give a shit about what people think about them and achieve their vision

✅ Achieve freedom, balance, and infinite abundance in their life

What's this?:

🔥 The Magnetic Manifestor Program is a 3 month accelerator program where you will learn how to manifest your dreams into reality by tapping into the frequency and vibration of your top desires and your dream life.

You will come out of the program feeling more confident, sexy, free and abundant and continue to live the life of your dreams, on your own terms.

What does that look like?:

🎂 During our sessions we will have a heart-to-heart conversation and I will walk you through a series of questions that is tailored to your unique situation to pull you into your dream reality, and it's vortex.

You will also receive any guidance and mentoring to clear any limiting beliefs, mental blocks, and psychosomatic illnesses through metaphysical techniques (if applicable) to help you instill healthy beliefs, move through obstacles in your life, and move forward in your life, business/career with ease and flow.

Here’s what’s included:

❤️ 9 outcome-based VIP 1:1 coaching sessions (for up to two hours each) to tap into the frequency of your desires, manifest what you want and clear any past shit/pain and blocks

❤️ 2 business or career strategy sessions (up to 90 minutes)

❤️ Unlimited Voxer or Messenger voice/text support for 3 months during business hours (Tuesday - Friday)

❤️ Private Facebook group support

❤️ My money magnet masterclass

❤️ My attract your dream partner masterclass

❤️ Access to any masterclasses that I create during our time together

❤️ A personalized 20 minute affirmations video track (an audio track can also be made upon request, this is my gift to you!)

❤️ Access to my network of over 1000 professionals in spirituality, coaching, tech, film/video, tv and photography to help you expand in your life, business and career

Are you ready to upgrade, and transform your life?

Investment: $2000 per month for 3 months, or $5000 paid in full

4 spots left to start in October

If you’re a full FUCK YES ready to achieve your dreams and become magnetic, send me a DM with the words, “I’m in” and I'll ask some questions to see if it's a good fit!

Or, you can apply for the program here: and we can chat!

I'll see you soon ❤️

xo Kare, Magnetic Unicorn

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